Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dinner. lamb.

Tonight we had rack of lamb for dinner. This time I did not set it on fire. Roasted at a high temperature, it was redolent of herbs, rosemary and a dash of herbes-de-Provence, rubbed with salt and pepper and fragrant with lemon juice. The fat melted, crisped at the edges. When sliced the faintly charred exterior gave way to rosy, slightly rare meat inside, tender and juicy and succulent. We have this nearly every time my father is in town. It is one of my favorite dishes, no less because it is one of the easiest to make. Scatter on herbs, salt, pepper, squeeze a lemon over. Stick it in the oven on full whack for six minutes, flip it over, and roast it for another six minutes. Dead easy. On the side, we had asparagus. Blanched briefly - bring the water to a boil, drop the asparagus in, take them out just as the water comes to a boil again. Rice is keeping warm in the cooker, dinner's ready to go. Easy, easy, easy. The perfect spring dinner. The perfect anytime dinner. I lick my fingers, the pile of crumpled napkins grows higher. Bits of rosemary are scattered around the tablecloth. I can still smell the lemon on my hands. Dishes in the sink, I'll come back to them later. I have a book waiting for me.

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